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Handmade interior maps of the world made from natural wood

Feel the real luxury and true emotions with Cut WooD Workshop Premium Wall Maps

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Handmade interior maps of the world made from natural wood

Feel the real luxury and true emotions with Cut WooD Workshop Premium Wall Maps

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Eco-friendly materials
Eco-friendly materials
Birch plywood, solid oak, exotic woods (padauk, wenge, Sapele, Brasil nut), German oils, and Finnish paints.
Exclusive piece goods
Exclusive piece goods
Full cycle of manual labor is a guarantee that your map will be manufactured as an exclusive piece good.
Luxurious gift
Luxurious gift
A high-end product from the luxury segment can become an amazing gift for a successful person, a keen connoisseur, or an aesthete.
Worldwide shipping
Worldwide shipping
Fast delivery by transport companies to any point in the world, from Russia to Argentina, from Sudan to New Zealand.

Choose a map according to your wishes

3D multilevel map of the world
Choose a color: ?
Everything you need for installation is already included in the set
9 500 ₽
from 9 500 ₽
2D one-level map of the world
Choose a color: ?
Everything you need for installation is already included in the set
5 500 ₽
from 5 500 ₽
Solid wood map of the world 3D
Choose a color: ?
Everything you need for installation is already included in the set
80 000 ₽
from 80 000 ₽
Solid oak map of the world
Choose a color: ?
Everything you need for installation is already included in the set
15 000 ₽
from 15 000 ₽
Map of Russia
Choose a color: ?
Everything you need for installation is already included in the set
5 500 ₽
from 5 500 ₽
Individual map

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The world becomes closer

The new wall map of the world handcrafted from wood is a great opportunity to remember past travels and plan future routes. This is the best souvenir you can give to a traveler and a dreamer. Borders and names of countries, large cities, oceans, rivers, and lakes are deeply engraved into the map surface by the laser

Locations that are important and special to the person can be marked with separately made icons, colored flags, or geotags in the Google Dropped pin style.

Receive gifts from the workshop! Country flags or handcrafted geotags for true admirers
We create the perfect maps for you
Wood is a unique material, birch veneers are both lightweight and hard, solid oak looks luxurious and durable, the exotic woods have amazing bright colors.
We manually polish each detail to a cashmere-like smooth surface and cover it with hypoallergenic paints and German oils.
The magical backlight made of LEDs will show you the night views of cities and countries from a bird's eye view.
Interior maps serve decorative purposes, but we strive to achieve maximum accuracy in terms of the geographical and political borders and names.
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8000+ satisfied customers around the world
We think broadly, thus, in 5 years have learned to go beyond the standards. We are ready to develop a custom map design just for you. We manufacture maps of the world, continents, countries, regions, and cities for walls of any size.
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Backlight with user-friendly control
Сделаем подсветку, которая работает даже там , где нет розетки

Architectural solutions for circuit backlight are considered to the detail:

  • transformer power supply from cables in the wall provides uninterrupted work of the backlight;
  • wired plug-to-socket connection makes installation easier;
  • an independent battery will allow the backlight to work without any wires.

It’s convenient to turn on/off the backlight and adjust the intensity of the light using the remote control included in the set. ?

Светодиодная подсветка эффектно подчеркнет объем и контуры карты. Возможны 3 варианта подключения: с аккумулятором (работа от независимого аккумулятора), проводное (питание от розетки) или трансформаторное (подключение напрямую к кабелям в стене, схема прилагается).

Turn the light on or off:

The backlight mode and brightness are controlled by the remote control

We will deliver your order to any point in the world

Each map is created manually

Thus, we can bring all your ideas to life and make a map of almost any design. collect your map
Cut WooD Workshop: making dreams of luxurious and exquisite interior pieces come true since 2016.

The amazing quality of our maps was even mentioned in National Geografic

We‘ve been engaged in manufacturing exclusive interior pieces for 5+ years.
We were one of the first workshops in the world to master the development and sale of handmade interior maps from precious and exotic woods.
We’ve manufactured 8000+ maps for companies.
Among our clients are luxurious Russian and foreign hotels, expensive restaurants, travel agencies, and international retail chains.
What clients say about us

Here we’ll tell you more about our maps больше

How does a multi-level map of the world differ from a single-level one?

A multilevel map is made up from wooden elements of different thicknesses: 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm - in case of birch plywood maps; 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm - in case of solid wood maps.
Thanks to the leveled combination of elements, a multi-level map is three-dimensional, it looks more realistic compared to a single-level one.

Can you add the name of particular cities, streets to the map?

Of course, we can. Just specify which objects need to be additionally put on the map, and we will engrave the names and inscriptions on the wood or on the backing.кты нужно дополнительно нанести на карту, и мы выгравируем нужные названия, наименования и надписи на дереве либо на подложке.

Is it possible to engrave the names on the map in other languages?

According to the internal standard of the workshop, names and inscriptions on maps made of wood are engraved in one of two languages, either in Russian or in English (at the client's choice). For an additional fee, we can make a map with names and inscriptions in any other language of the world according to your wishes. The fee is charged for the development of an individual design.

How is the map attached to the wall? How difficult the installation process is?

The map is attached to the durable distant brackets that are included in the set. For maps on an acrylic backing, we use metal brackets, for maps without a backing we use plastic brackets.

Let us briefly tell you about the map installation process: first of all, you should make small holes in the wall and hammer plastic dowels in them. Then the base of the brackets should be screwed on them, and finally, the map should be screwed with the facade screw of the brackets. Installation instructions for the maps are provided with each set. Upon request, we also send step-by-step video instructions. The installation is pretty simple and entertaining, so even a child will succeed!


Can the map be hung in the children's room?

Yes, of course! We use environmentally friendly materials and hypoallergenic paints. The maps are perfectly combined with the interiors of children's rooms, as you can choose any color that your child likes. Studying geography will become a favorite pastime for your children!

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We will make a map or batch of maps that will match the style of your company network: we can indicate the name of each branch with an LED backlight.

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